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World of Rune V1.10 Available!

Exciting News, Adventurers! 


World of Rune is embracing a thrilling new update that's bound to redefine your journey! Here's a sneak peek of what's in store:


Wonder Unleashed: Unleash your potential at Level 80 and venture into the captivating world of Wonder. Unravel mysteries, conquer challenges, and reveal hidden treasures!


Royal Revelry: Join the Joyful Celebration with the all-new King's Chest and King's Quest. Plus, we've spiced up the rules for Hit the Bun and Slot games to keep the festivities rolling!


Astrological Adventures: Unlock the Zodiac feature at Level 80! Sharpen your strategic skills, choose the right cards and gear, and breeze through challenges with ease.


Prepare for a game-changing update that promises endless adventures and rewards. The World of Rune is yours to conquer!