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World of Rune New Update 12/14

Update Time:

2022/12/14 13:00 GMT+8

2022/12/14 00:00 Server Time


The game will be updated via Hotfix.


1. New feature: Altverse.

2. New character system: Altem.

3. Limited time cross-server invitation available in Mech Factory and Mystery Den. Check the rules for more details.

4. New Auras.

5. Optimized the auto Circle Quest function.

6. MVP prompt effect disabled in dungeon.

7. Added requirement description to Fortune Card.

8. Mech Factory - extended the bot’s search range in auto battle mode.

9. Consecutive recharge extension available.

10. Added quick purchase for Head crafting materials (2x price).

11. Added Diamond reward to Weekly Quest, adjusted the required times for some of the quests.

12. Amount selection available when using the EXP item.

13. Added Card Fusion.

14. Adjusted the items of the Cute Pet wheel.

15. Fixed minor bugs.

16. 3x EXP Potion available in Shop.

17. Shortened the respwan interval of the wild monsters.

18. Added Holy War Set.