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World of Rune New Update 10/17

Update Time:

2022/10/17 14:00 GMT+8

2022/10/17 02:00 Server Time


1. Adjusted MVP revival time.

2. Adjusted wild accessible level. Unlocked premium MVP and related rewards.

3. Adjusted price and effects for HP and MP potions.

4. Added Slot and Hit the Bun listing requirement. Slot ranking settlement time shows now.

5.Added monster’s Element, Race and Shape to Pet and Index system.

6. Added Weekly Pass and Monthly Pass to P. VIP.

7. Adjusted Abyss Tower rewards. Increased the chance of getting Moonstone materials and the floor limit.

8. Added Weekly Quest. Complete to get New "Weekly Quest", you can get Moonstone materials. 

9. The monsters speed in the Statue Defense increases according to the floors. Increased the floor limit.

10. Added “On/Off” button for auto combat, which unlocks after completing the Novice Quests.

11. Added irregularly open Power Ranking.

12. Added Bank in Offer.

13. Added Aura Transformation.

14. Optimized Alchemy progress in Alchemy Match.

15. Added convert function for Shadow Gear. According to the refinement level, spends Diamonds to convert.

16. Added wild protective items.

17. Adjusted consumption pages in Shop.