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World of Rune New Update 07/21

Update Time:

2022/07/21 14:00-15:00 GMT+8

2022/07/21 02:00-03:00 Server Time


1. Adjustments in Pet system.

2. Increased the amount of EXP and Skill Book from Pet Recycle.

3. Added Pet Synthesis feature.

4. Added Pet Soul Plate feature.

5. New feature: Pet Festival

6. Added new packs to Shop.

7. Dojo: max occupation time is extended to 6 hours; the challenge reset attempts are reduced to 5.

8. Changes in the Warrior skill - Quick Recovery: the effect at max level is increased to 2000%; skill level cap is raised.

9. Optimized the Guild Boss and the Rift Boss features.

10. Normal Extraction: added a confirmation prompt for saving and a display of elemental stats. 

11. Added a quantity selection when using Pet EXP items.

12. Added a kick function to the team system.

13. Fixed the issue where it only counts 1 item when players obtain more than 2 Head items for the first time.

14. Added a team-up invitation function between friends. 

15. Fixed minor bugs.

16.Adjusted the drops in MVP.

17.Optimized the cross server players grouping.