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World of Rune Hot-fix Maintenance on 07/26 Server Time

Time: 07/26/2023 (Server Time)

Duration: Hot-fix

Affected Server(s): All servers


1. Allowed Head to be batch marked and crafted.

2. Raised the Head’s level limit

3. Improved battle experience.

4. Improved the Circle Quests.

5. Added World Brave Ranking.

6. Added World 100 Dojo.

7. Added 1.5 times of space to Pet Bag, added prompt, allowed Pet Egg to be batch smashed and added Pet Transformation.

8. Improved Index display.

9. Showed the number of Leaves in Warlord's Return.

10. Improve the Synthesize Card display

11. Raised the amount limit for Pack’s batch usage.

12. Keypad is available in Hit the Bun.

13. Translation is available in Chat.

14. Other minor tweaks and fixes.