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World of Rune Hot-fix Maintenance on 06/13 Server Time

Time: 06/13/2023 (Server Time)

Duration: Hot-fix

Affected Server(s): All servers


1. Character level cap is increased to 120.

2. Level cap of the following skills is increased by 5: Sword Basics, Resilience Boost, Heavy Slash, Crazy Slash, Monster Slash; Archery Practice, Vulture's Eye, Combo Arrow; Mind of Peace, Element Enhance, Energy Suit, Fireball, Freeze, Dark Thunder; Faith, Light Barrier, Angel Blessing, Sacred Light, Reincarnation, Cross Expel.

3. Unlocked Lv. 120 maps, added new monsters.

4. Unlocked Lv. 120 MVP monsters.

5. Gear enhance level cap is increased to 250.

6. Partner level cap is increased to 150.

7. Pet level cap is increased to 120, and Soul Plate total level cap to 1350.

8. Unlocked new signs in Horoscope: Lv. 110 - Aquarius, Lv. 120 - Pisces.

9. Added a Card degrade function, and optimized Card Fusion.

10. New bonus system: Warlord's Return

11. Cross-Server team-up in Mystery Den is now available on Friday.

12. New feature: Sin Dungeon