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World of Rune - Beginner Guidance

In the beginning, you can follow the main story to have a first glimpse of the mechanics of the game. And you can also complete Novice Quests to upgrade and unlock features.

By following the tutorial of the Novice Quests, you can get familiar with the game mechanics and various systems. The controls of the game are divided into auto combat and movement. Tap on the screen to select different targets to lock on and move the character. 

Important Dungeons:

Daily dungeons for beginners: Mech Factory, Endless Tower, Whose Cat, Escort and Battle of Throne. 

You can obtain rare items in the MVP feature. Participate and challenge the Boss for a chance to obtain rare Equipment, Cards and other items. And you can also be sold or exchanged for Crystals in Trade.

Being part of a Guild is essential for a first time adventurer. Join a Guild to get a large amount of resources, gain stats bonus and find friends.

Beginner’s Upgrade:

In the early stages, Novice Quests will offer more EXP and rewards than killing monsters until Lv. 50. After that, you can choose a map that is 10-20 levels lower than yours to automatically kill monsters.

How to assign points: Players can increase 6 kinds of Lv. 1 stat points up to 30. After that, you can focus on increasing STR or INT depending on your preferences.